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As we differentiate ourselves basically from any others, SecretKnock's built on solid Seven promises with clients..

Total discretion & Safety

ScretKnock's one of the most important ideas is to keep it discreet and make our clients feel comfortable, we do not save any info of our clients whatsoever and make sure our models are well dressed.

Authencity & Honest

Our models are all real and genuine, so we guarantee no switch and bait and what you see is what you get rule :)

Special Service

We make it best or nothing always and forever and provide an authentic laid back special service for our each client!

Highest Kindness

We truly believe customer is always right and we will assist you till the full satisfaction everytime and anytime.

Full Hygiene

All our models are medically, physically fully clean and hygienic and we have regular examination day

Time Keeping

We will always do our very best for time keeping on time and precisely for all clients :)

No Return Fee

All models in SecretKnock are very stunningly beautiful

however if there's return situation by our clients with any reason such as sudden shedule change or etc we will not charge nothing!